The Seagraves Family

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the Original English Family and European Origins of the Family Name

All research leads us to believe that the family name originated in and around the village of Seagrave, originally know as Segrave, just north of Leicester in central England. Click the link below to see our discussion of our English origins.



The Seagraves Family Website

Welcome to The Seagraves Family Genealogy Research Database and Family History Web Pages.

As of November 1, 2023 our database contains information on 8,819 specific individuals based on original source documents that confirm at least three key facts about each person: a name, date and place of birth), of whom 4,941 (56%) were born with some spelling variation of the Seagraves surname. Many of these individuals have been indexed through one standardized spelling: Seagraves. People with specific recorded spellings (such as Segrave(s), Seagrove(s) Segrove(s) & Seegrave(s) have been listed under the general surname, Seagraves, but are duly noted under their surname as recorded in the reference citations. See the link "Spellings of the Name" on this Home Page.

This website is the culmination of many years of research carried on by the individual members of The Seagraves Study Group, who seek now to combine, share, and refine their work with the help of others. The Group wholeheartedly invites all Seagraves researchers and descendants to contribute copies of records, documents, photos, and bibles to help grow the Seagraves Database for future generations.

We are eager to help you use this website for your Seagraves Family research. Questions, corrections and feedback are always welcome! Thanks for visiting!

American Settlements of the Family

All of the people in this study are almost certainly related in some way to the original de Segrave family first recorded in the Domesday Book or to people who lived in the Village of Seagrave in Leicestershire.

No specific links between the American and European branches of the family have yet been verified, regardless of the on-line speculations to the contrary. We do know from records that the majority of the families in America derive from three initial settlements: