The Seagraves Family

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1 Seagraves Database The Seagraves family name clearly originated in or near the small English village of Segrave near Leicester in central England. That village name is now spelled Seagrave; however antique maps show it as Segrave as do the original documents referring to the English family. Precise spelling was not a concern before the 20th century and most people during that period were functionally illiterate and did not know or care how their name was spelled. It is not uncommon to see the surname of a particular family living in the same location over many years have their name spelled differently in every census or other record. The variations range from Cegraves to Zegrafs with the most common American version as of the 1940 census being Seagraves (36%) with Segraves (28%) close behind. Here are some of the variations we have found: Cegraves Sagrave Sagraves Sagrove Sagroves Seagrave Seagraves Seagreave Seagreaves Seagrove Seagroves Seegrave Seegraves Segrave Segraves Segreaves Segrove Segroves  8,825 3,320 2,238